Top 10 Chemical Companies in the World

The chemical industry has greatly impacted the world in many ways. From the food that enters our mouths and the technology we use every day, chemistry and chemicals themselves have found their place in society. Getting these chemicals requires plenty of methods, whether that be extracting chemicals from fossils or forging chemicals from other components, different chemical companies have developed separate methods. Everything ties in with the chemical companies in our society and how we get ahold of them, and in this blog, we will explore the main chemical companies that impact the industry the most in the whole world.

Chemicals and how they can be used in the world


basf company logo

BASF Overview:

  • BASF has the original name of Badische Anilin – und Soda-Fabrik, a German-based chemical company that is one of the world’s largest chemical producers.
  • Headquarters resides in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and the company focuses on various sectors of chemicals.
  • Focuses on the segments of Chemicals (Petrochemicals), Materials (Performance Materials), Industrial Solutions (Performance chemicals), Surface Technologies (Catalysts and Coatins), Nutrition and Care (Nutrition and Health), and Agricultural Solutions.

BASF Achievements and Specialties:

  • BASF strives for sustainability and commitment to environmental stewardship, with already reducing their emissions by 50% per metric ton of each of their products sold, ever since 1990.
  • Annual revenue of $72.172 billion and operates in more than 90 countries.
  • The global leader in innovative products such as advanced chemicals used in automotive, agriculture, and electronics that we use.
  • Holds a strong presence in the Chemical Industry with a diverse field of products.
BASF industrial setup

BASF Company and their manufacturing house

2. Sinopec

Sinopec Overview:

  • Petroleum and Chemical based Corporation that resides in Beijing.
  • Focuses on the production of petrochemical products and oil, such as oils that are distributed to gas stations.
  • Petrochemicals come from the extraction of natural gases and fossil fields, which Sinopec boasts as its main product,

Sinopec Achievements and Specialities:

  • One of the largest petrochemical and oil suppliers in China, which operates at an annual revenue of $448 Billion as of 2023.
  • The company has been very successful in its industry, which increased by 20.7% year-to-year progression.
  • Specializes in producing petrochemicals that can be used in homes to heat homes and oil for cars.
  • Sinopec’s specialty in petrochemicals and success allows them to give back to their community, by providing an abundance of natural gas to heat homes during the winter.

Sinopec advanced gas stations

3. Dow Chemical

Dow Overview:

  • Dow Chemical is a chemical company based in Midland, Michigan, and it focuses on products in industries like packaging, infrastructure, consumer acre, and industrial solutions.
  • Dow Chemical mainly focuses on plastics and packaging products with chemicals, like polyethylene and polypropylene. These are chemicals used for food packaging.
  • Committed to recyclable plastics and fighting against global plastic waste and issues.

Dow Achievements and Specialties:

  • Dow Chemical operates at an annual revenue of $44.6 Billion and with over 30,000 employees.
  • Dow Chemical is a leading company in the plastic packaging industry, investing much in its Research and Development centers.
  • Dow Chemical has an abundance of R&D centers around the world and is an innovative company that addresses global issues.
  • Their focus on plastic packaging has made them a sustainable company and with their focus on fighting global plastic waste.

4. Sabic

SABIC Overview:

  • SABIC is a public chemical company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • SABIC is a leading company in the petrochemical manufacturing industry and focuses on the production of plastics, fertilizers, and metals.
  • Established in 1976, SABIC has been on an upward trend for the past years and operates efficiently in the production of chemicals that do not negatively impact the atmosphere.

Sabic Achievements and Specialties:

  • SABIC serves over 140 countries and operates with a global workforce of 29,000 individuals.
  • Heavily invests in research and development, by operating 21 technology and innovation centers worldwide.
  • Holds an annual revenue of $37.7 Billion with a big presence worldwide.
  • SABIC actively invests in new projects to expand its company and increase its production of high-quality petrochemicals to serve countries and companies worldwide.
  • Specialty in petrochemicals that can be used in plastics and fertilizers allows SABIC to also focus on serving the environment by reducing the environmental impact of their operations.
  • SABIC actively fights against global change and the waste of plastics through its new projects and expansion.

Sabic industrial plants that produces chemicals


INEOS Overview:

  • INEOS is a British-based chemical company that operates in London.
  • INEOS operates in diverse sectors but primarily focuses on the production of petrochemicals, special chemicals, and oil products.
  • INEOS is continuously known as a global leader in the chemical industry, as it strives for innovation and sustainability efforts.
  • With efforts in research and development, INEOS continuously expands its knowledge of its offerings.

INEOS Achievements and Specialties:

  • INEOS operates at an annual revenue of over $40 billion.
  • INEOS operates more than 180 manufacturing facilities in 26 countries and has a strong market presence in multiple countries.
  • They invest billions in research and expansion of their company, via facilities and manufacturing houses.
  • INEOS produces over 35 million tonnes of petrochemicals per year, with products like ethylene, propylene, and polyethylene.
  • Their focus on ethylene and propylene is directed towards creating plastic that can be used in everyday life, but also products that can be used in automotive parts or household goods.
  • INEOS’s wide range and high-quality chemicals allow the company to expand its market and sector, being a company that operates flexibly.

6. LyondelBasell

LyondellBasell Overview:

  • LyondellBasell is one of the largest plastics, chemicals, and refining companies that operates in Houston, Texas, and Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • LyondellBasell is known for its production of polyethylene and polypropylene, two types of plastics that are used in an abundance of ways.
  • LyodellBasell is a fast and strong chemical company that expands rapidly due to their high-quality chemicals that are highly sought after by others.

LyondellBasell Achievements and Specialties:

  • LyondelBasell boasts an annual revenue of $49.785 billion and has a steady growth with presence in 29 countries and operates with over 36 businesses.
  • In 2021, LyondellBasell was ranked as the third-largest chemical company globally by their revenue and has been steadily growing since.
  • LyondellBasell also operates for sustainability, by committing to achieving net-zero emissions from global operations by 2050 and producing millions of recycled polymers.
  • LyondellBasell has been awarded on multiple basis for its sustainability innovation, especially in 2020, with the Plastics Industry Association’s Sustainability Innovation Award.
  • They are one of the leading companies in producing polyethylene and polypropylene, offering high-grade chemicals that are used for plastic packaging and even in automotive parts.
  • Their products offer superior performance characteristics compared to other companies, and their companies have plenty of uses, which is why LyondellBasell operates at such a high level.

7. LG Chem

LG Chem Overview:

  • South Korea’s LG Chem is a major player in the chemical and battery industries, with headquarters in Seoul
  • LG Chem is at the forefront of electric vehicle battery technology and has made significant strides in developing next-generation batteries.
  • LG Chem is a subsidiary of LG Corporation, a conglomerate known for its diverse business operations spanning various industries.
  • LG Chem produces a wide range of petrochemical products including ethylene, propylene, butadiene, and polyethylene. These products are fundamental to manufacturing plastics, synthetic rubbers, and other industrial materials.

LG Chem Achievements and Specialties:

  • LG Chem has an annual revenue of about $37.6 billion while holding approximately 20,000 employees.
  • LG Chem stands as one of the leading producers of lithium-ion batteries with the use of chemicals, which these batteries are useful for EV cars.
  • LG Chem’s innovation and advanced technology allows their batteries to be set apart from industry standard and a lucrative option.
  • Was awarded the “Innovation Award” by the Battery Innovation Center for their battery technology and advancements.

8. Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical Overview:

  •  Mitsubishi Chemical, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a versatile company with a broad chemical portfolio.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical is focusing on innovative solutions in biotechnology and high-performance materials for various industries.
  • Mitsubishi is one of the worlds largest and most diversified chemical company as they produce chemicals that is used for electronics, construction, healthcare technology and automotives.
  • With a known track of innovation and diversity, Mitsubishi Chemical is a global leader within the chemical industry.

Mitsubishi Chemical Achievement and Specialties:

  • Mitsubishi Chemical has an annual revenue of $33.66 billion as of 2022, a high revenue for their industry standard.
  • Mitsubishi Chemical has been known for their commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, hoping to keep their productions eco-friendly.
  • With a wide range of specialties, Mitsubishi Chemical develops advanced chemicals and high-performance polymers, composites, and specialty chemicals.
  • This company creates materials out of chemicals that top companies utilize, whether that be for automotive uses or construction.

9. Linde

Linde Overview:

  • Linde, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, is a leading industrial gases and engineering company.
  • Linde is expanding its capabilities in hydrogen energy and developing technologies to support clean energy transitions.
  • The company focuses on diverse industries that stem to healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and much more.

Linde Achievements and Specialties:

  • Linde is recognized as the largest industrial gas company in the world based on their revenue and market share.
  • Linde operates in over 100 countries and is a leading company that ensures a supply chain.
  • Linde operates at a $32.76 billion revenue that feeds into their innovation and research and development.
  • Overall, the company produces high-quality gases can be used for industrial events such as steel manufacturing or even in the healthcare industry, serving as gases for anesthesia.
Linde company logo and their industrial plants

10. DuPont

DuPont Overview:

  • Known for its innovative materials and solutions, DuPont is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
  • DuPont is developing high-performance materials for electronics and automotive industries and enhancing its portfolio with bio-based products.
  • DuPoint focuses on industries such as agriculture, electronics, and material sciences.
  • Globally known for their innovation in these industries, where they are also critical for the manufacturing of semiconductors and electronic devices.

DuPoint Achievement and Specialties:

  • DuPoint is known for investing the Kevlar and Nomex, two materials that are used in protective apparel, such as body armor or suits for firefighters.
  • DuPoint generates over $12 billion in revenue per year and their technological advancements in the electronics industry has been instrumental for the discoveries made.
  • DuPoint has also been recognized for their commitment to research and development, sustainability initiatives, and practices to reduce environmental impact.
  • DuPoints research and development was pivotal for the inventions of body armors for different industries, using the power of chemicals to create durable polymer.

Benefits of Buying Chemicals from Top Companies:

While there are different ways to get chemicals, getting chemicals from these top companies have their own reasons. Below, we will get into the points.

  1. These top chemical companies have a proven track of their innovative and advanced chemicals, different from the everyday chemicals you may have access to. These companies have strategically designed their chemicals for different sole purposes.
  2. The top chemical companies provide higher-quality chemicals, ones that are usually harder to obtain, thus, the higher-quality chemicals can be used for obtaining better quality materials, such as a body suit or armor.
  3. The technicality and knowledge these top chemical companies have are able to answer all your questions and provide you with in-depth explanations. These companies can let you know the different uses of the chemicals or how they should be used.
  4. Better reputation creates more trust with the product since others have given their testimony.
  5. These top chemical companies offer a wide range of chemicals and products, built for every scenario possible.

How chemicals are imported from one country to another!

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