Brighton Mapiku

CAMAL has proven to be an efficient partner for procurement in the cement sector. They have access to many suppliers and we look forward to continued co-operation

Rishapkumar Patel

CAMAL helped us find manufacturing companies reducing our reliance on trading companies. Team CAMAL helped us identify and source our construction inputs directly from manufacturers

Barbaros Eryoldas

CAMAL assisted us find reliable partners in China. CAMAL even visited our mine site in Turkey to conduct due diligence and better understand our requirements

George Mureithi

CAMAL has constantly delivered credible partners with acceptable pricing and payment terms

Julien Pons

From the beginning the CAMAL team was very helpful in helping us understand the Chinese landscape for contractors. They helped us identify, analyze and evaluate Chinese EPCs and later they accompanied us for site visits in both Africa and in China that helped us select our final Chinese EPC partner