CAMAL a aidé ses clients à attirer des investisseurs chinois

CAMAL a récemment organisé un voyage en Chine pour la Chambre KNCCI Marsabit où les délégués avaient un intérêt particulier à attirer des investisseurs et à rencontrer des fournisseurs. Le voyage de 5 jours visait à apporter une valeur ajoutée à la Chambre et au bureau en Chine, au-delà de nos attentes.

CAMAL a facilité – KNCCI Marsabit et Chambre de commerce du Guangdong, réunion B2B avec des investisseurs chinois. L’entreprise a assisté à la signature d’un protocole d’accord explorant les domaines de coopération commerciale et d’investissement dans le comté de Marsabit. Les discussions avaient pour objectif d’identifier les opportunités commerciales potentielles de Marsabit.

KNCCI Marsabit signe un protocole d’accord avec des investisseurs chinois avec l’aimable autorisation de CAMAL

La Chambre souhaitait également rencontrer des fournisseurs de matériaux de construction en Chine. CAMAL a emmené les délégués dans une entreprise où ils ont montré un intérêt particulier pour l’achat de matériaux de construction tels que les tuiles, les matériaux préfabriqués, etc.


Rencontre de KNCCI Marsabit avec des entreprises chinoises de construction, d’énergie et de matériaux de construction. CAMAL a également emmené KNCCI Marsabit visiter une usine de panneaux solaires. La Chambre avait demandé à CAMAL de faciliter cette réunion car ils avaient un projet impliquant l’énergie solaire et ils voulaient savoir d’où ils pouvaient les obtenir. La réunion a été fructueuse, le fournisseur ayant promis de travailler avec CAMAL pour livrer des produits de haute qualité dans le comté de Marsabit dès que la commande sera passée.

Visite des clients de CAMAL à l’usine de panneaux solaires en Chine avec l’aimable autorisation de CAMAL

CAMAL continuera à organiser de tels voyages pour le client afin de comprendre de meilleures opportunités et comment CAMAL peut les aider à s’approvisionner en Chine après ou pendant le voyage. La valeur ajoutée de CAMAL comprend :

  1. Identification de fournisseurs fiables pour nos clients ;
  2. Effectuer une due diligence d’usine au nom du client ;
  3. S’engager avec les investisseurs potentiels ;
  4. Conseiller le client sur la manière d’acquérir des produits en provenance de Chine
  5. Faciliter les discussions préliminaires en ayant un interprète qui comprend bien le chinois et l’anglais pour éliminer la barrière de la langue.

CAMAL’s MD Walter Ruigu appeared CGTN to discuss China-Africa Cooperation

CAMAL’s Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu (left) during an interview with CGTN

China has continued to make strides in investment and this time, they have their eyes set on Africa. It seems Africa has some potential which has caught the attention of this economic giant . China continues to invest in various sectors in Africa. With globalization and technology advancement, investment has been taken a notch higher with China eyeing  African market for its produce. There has been a rise in business trips from Africa to China as more states want to understand China’s technology in production and how they can adapt the same technology back in Africa.

CAMAL’s Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu appeared on CGTN to shed some light on why China has decided to venture in Africa. It is true Africa has resources which has everyone thinking it’s the main reason why China has been on the forefront pushing to invest more in Africa. China just like other countries in the world is on a market search for its output. The domestic market in china is saturated. African countries are potential markets for China’s various commodities. For example, construction companies in Africa are highly dependent on China for the Procurement of machinery and other construction materials. We also have firms getting raw materials from China to facilitate production which will later contribute to the increase of GDP after the end product is traded.

CAMAL’s Management Team in China (from left) Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu, Senior Project Manager Mr David Kyalo and Head Of Operations  Mr Razack Magagi

China has 3 main interests in Africa.

1.) The first one is to  support  the international community. China can and has continued to offer technological support to multilateral agencies to help them make countries better. A good example is the United Nations Environment Programme. China  has advanced technology on how countries should conserve the environment and recycle the waste products to create continuous utility. Being one of the most populated countries in the world, China has tried to come up with various ways of conserving the environment. The technology used has been passed to other countries across the world. CAMAL continues to contribute positively by arranging successful trips to China where clients get to visit and acquire necessary knowledge which they later transfer to their countries .

2.)  Quest for new markets is also another interest.  These markets are created by the ever growing demands which need to be fulfilled. At this point, firms like CAMAL have come in handy to help consumers and organisations understand China market more. Many African consumers are using CAMAL to procure from China. CAMAL can put it on record that those companies, individuals and organisation who have procured equipment, machinery or any construction materials from china, have been able to boost their productivity/output and increased profitability in the long-run.

Africa’s Heads of State during the FOCAC2018 in Beijing China

3.) it’s true that Africa has resources which China needs. This should be considered as strength and not a weakness. Countries like South Africa have greatly benefited because China has invested so much in their economy thanks to the resources they have. Many countries in Africa have untapped potential because they have not found the market internationally for what they produce  yet China can be a target market. Again CAMAL has come in to boost African countries Trade with China by helping organisations export the raw material China needs. Firms in Africa who are doing trade with China continue to benefit from these relations.

CAMAL’S MD Walter Ruigu(left) and Project Manager David Kyalo during FOCAC2018 in Beijing

CAMAL would recommend all African countries to focus  more on producing final products from the resources they have. This will add value and contribute towards financial independence. The final products will also get demand from other international markets not only China. it should challenge all African countries to strive towards economic growth which will bring financial independence to the continent.

You can watch the full interview as CAMAL’s Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu brings more understanding on Why China is investing more in Africa and how African firms can benefit  by clicking here