• We will take care of YOUR Sourcing needs so you can generate cost savings and increase profitability
  • China is no longer just the “factory of the world for cheap goods.” Increasing innovation means China can be an excellent source of high quality products while achieving cost savings
  • Reducing costs doesn’t mean lowering quality, CAMAL focuses on conducting all the ground work to find quality products from reliable suppliers so you can focus on your core business

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Sourcing of Reliable Suppliers & Quality Products

Commodity Trading

  • If you are ready to export your mineral commodities, we will find you the market
  • China remains the world’s largest market for mineral commodities, but complex export requirements mean foreign exporters must be familiar with regulation and how to trade with China
  • CAMAL has over five years of experience in China’s manganese, chrome and copper markets

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Helping you find Markets for your Commodities

Investment Advisory

  • If you have a viable engineering/Sourcing/construction projects, we will find you the technical or financial partner you need
  • China is now one of the world’s largest source of technical expertise and investment.
  • CAMAL assists firms tap into the Chinese market for technical partners in engineering projects and financial partners for viable projects

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Helping you find reliable technical/financial partners