KNCCI Marsabit County gets investors from China courtesy of CAMAL

CAMAL recently organised a trip to China for KNCCI Marsabit Chamber where the delegates had special interests in getting investors and also meeting suppliers. The 5 days trip was aimed at value addition to the Chamber and the office in China delivered beyond expectation.

CAMAL facilitated- KNCCI Marsabit and Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, B2B meeting with Chinese investors. The firm witnessed Signing of an MOU, exploring business cooperation and investment areas in Marsabit County. The talks held were aimed at identifying potential business opportunities from Marsabit

KNCCI Marsabit signing MOU with Chinese investors courtesy of CAMAL


The Chamber also had some interest in meeting construction material suppliers in China. CAMAL took the delegates to a company where they showed special interest in procurement of construction materials such as tiles, prefabs materials etc.


KNCCI Marsabit meeting with Chinese construction, energy and building materials companies.CAMAL also took KNCCI Marsabit to visit Solar panel factory. The Chamber had requested CAMAL to facilitate this meeting as they had a project which involved solar energy and they wanted to know where they can get them from. The meeting was successful with the supplier promising to work with CAMAL to deliver high quality products to the Marsabit County as soon as the order is placed.

KNCCI Marsabit Visit to Solar Panel factory in China courtesy of CAMAL

CAMAL will continue to organise such trips for the client to understand better opportunities and how CAMAL can assist them to procure from China after or during the trip. CAMAL’s value addition include;

  1. Identification of reliable suppliers for our clients;
  2. Carrying out factory due diligence  on behalf of the Client;
  3. Engaging with the potential investors;
  4. Advising the Client on how to procure Products from China;
  5. Facilitating preliminary discussions by having an interpreter who understands Chinese and English well to get rid of language barrier.




  1. 肯尼亚是东非最发达的经济体
  2. 肯尼亚也是连接非洲其他地区的枢纽
  3. 肯尼亚2030年远景是政府指导肯尼亚进入中等收入国家
  4. 经济支柱包括6个优先领域,采矿为其中之一


  1. 肯尼亚目前仅在该国东南部和西南部的8个主要地点开采资源
  2. Base Titanium 是肯尼亚最大的采矿业务 > 1亿吨钛资源,投资3.5 亿美元,每年出口量16万吨
  3. 在过去几年中,肯尼亚已采取行动,正式确定并提高采矿业的 有效性
  4. 与总体趋势相反,肯尼亚的勘探一直在增加,但与同行相比较 小


  1. 肯尼亚的锰矿是一个好的商机
  2. 矿区都是露天开采的
  3. 矿山有勘探权,开采权,出口权
  4. 因为矿有高量的硅,为了保护稳定品位,出口之前需要洗
  5. 目前矿山设备还比较落后
  6. 矿山需要采购更先进的设备
  7. 虽然设备较落后,但矿山仍在出口中国和印度。目前每月能达 到3000吨左右
  8. 由于缺乏设备,装载目前是手动的,但为当地人提供了就业机 会
  9. 出口锰矿前,员工会分拣出不同的品位矿
  10. 在中国、货一般到天津港,然后贸易公司卖给内蒙和宁夏企业 主要针对硅锰工厂
  11. CIQ 结果一般是29-33% mn
  12. 社会责任 – 公司已经在给当地人提供更多的销售量及更多的机会
  13. 我们已经确认了有市场,我们需要三个方面合作伙伴:勘探, 开采设备,选矿设备
  14. 上周在中非论坛国家主席强调了- 中非将重点实施“八大行动”- 肯尼亚锰矿是一个很好机会落实4个行动

全报告可以在这里查看 – CAMAL – 肯尼亚矿业和锰矿演讲 – 铁合金会议 -2018



CAMAL’s Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu (left) during an interview with CGTN

China has continued to make strides in investment and this time, they have their eyes set on Africa. It seems Africa has some potential which has caught the attention of this economic giant . China continues to invest in various sectors in Africa. With globalization and technology advancement, investment has been taken a notch higher with China eyeing  African market for its produce. There has been a rise in business trips from Africa to China as more states want to understand China’s technology in production and how they can adapt the same technology back in Africa.

CAMAL’s Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu appeared on CGTN to shed some light on why China has decided to venture in Africa. It is true Africa has resources which has everyone thinking it’s the main reason why China has been on the forefront pushing to invest more in Africa. China just like other countries in the world is on a market search for its output. The domestic market in china is saturated. African countries are potential markets for China’s various commodities. For example, construction companies in Africa are highly dependent on China for the Procurement of machinery and other construction materials. We also have firms getting raw materials from China to facilitate production which will later contribute to the increase of GDP after the end product is traded.

CAMAL’s Management Team in China (from left) Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu, Senior Project Manager Mr David Kyalo and Head Of Operations  Mr Razack Magagi

China has 3 main interests in Africa.

1.) The first one is to  support  the international community. China can and has continued to offer technological support to multilateral agencies to help them make countries better. A good example is the United Nations Environment Programme. China  has advanced technology on how countries should conserve the environment and recycle the waste products to create continuous utility. Being one of the most populated countries in the world, China has tried to come up with various ways of conserving the environment. The technology used has been passed to other countries across the world. CAMAL continues to contribute positively by arranging successful trips to China where clients get to visit and acquire necessary knowledge which they later transfer to their countries .

2.)  Quest for new markets is also another interest.  These markets are created by the ever growing demands which need to be fulfilled. At this point, firms like CAMAL have come in handy to help consumers and organisations understand China market more. Many African consumers are using CAMAL to procure from China. CAMAL can put it on record that those companies, individuals and organisation who have procured equipment, machinery or any construction materials from china, have been able to boost their productivity/output and increased profitability in the long-run.

Africa’s Heads of State during the FOCAC2018 in Beijing China

3.) it’s true that Africa has resources which China needs. This should be considered as strength and not a weakness. Countries like South Africa have greatly benefited because China has invested so much in their economy thanks to the resources they have. Many countries in Africa have untapped potential because they have not found the market internationally for what they produce  yet China can be a target market. Again CAMAL has come in to boost African countries Trade with China by helping organisations export the raw material China needs. Firms in Africa who are doing trade with China continue to benefit from these relations.

CAMAL’S MD Walter Ruigu(left) and Project Manager David Kyalo during FOCAC2018 in Beijing

CAMAL would recommend all African countries to focus  more on producing final products from the resources they have. This will add value and contribute towards financial independence. The final products will also get demand from other international markets not only China. it should challenge all African countries to strive towards economic growth which will bring financial independence to the continent.

You can watch the full interview as CAMAL’s Managing Director Mr Walter Ruigu brings more understanding on Why China is investing more in Africa and how African firms can benefit  by clicking here