Standard Bank Yiwu Trade Visit by CAMAL

CAMAL cooperated with ICDC and  did a tour with Standard bank to the Yiwu districts which are like malls selling different products such as electronics, furniture and many more. CAMAL  also did factory visits in Wangbin who make furniture and also Sumsoar who do logistics. The main agenda  of this particular trip was to have clients get a feeling of doing business in China.

Briefing during the meeting

CAMAL has  always aimed at adding value to its client and for this reason,  the firm  assisted Standard bank visit various districts of their interest. The key reasons of visiting various districts were;

  • To identify the prevailing opportunities in China
  • To understand the terms of business in China
  • To vet the quality and prices of the products.
  • To get a diverse investment plan

CAMAL continues to organize these trips for associations and companies who wants to meet the original suppliers. This is one among many successful trips which CAMAL has been part of. CAMAL has also done successful trips for the following fields,

  • Construction materials i.e. tiles
  • Capital machines i.e. wheel loaders, dump trucks
  • Industrial Chemicals
  • steel
CAMAL -supplier visit

The advantages of using CAMAL for such trips include

  • CAMAL understands China and the  economy well so the firm will advice on the best quality and original product.
  • CAMAL has done many trips  successfully  for many associations and companies, it will only get  better for you.
  • CAMAL’s China office will do the negotiation for you with the Chinese manufacturers because. The team speaks Chinese fluent so language barrier will not be a problem to CAMAL’s client during trip.
  • CAMAL has does due diligence for the companies the client wants to visit, this ensures the client’s expectations are met by linking them with the best suppliers in China.


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